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Cat's Encounter
Tabitha's Cat
This is a little vignette that sprang out of the side of Nuit's Outlaw Dreams, chapter 8
Part 2

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Part One

Cat's hips wiggled as she reached for the whiskey on the top shelf.
"Would like some of this...Mr. Kelly?" She caught sight of her dishevelled hair in the mirror behind the rows of bottles. Smoothing it down, she was thankful she'd had the sense to slip some clothes on before answering the door, her dressing gown quite frankly, would not do.

Ned eyed the fiery drink but decided against it. "Just a beer thanks me Ned"

Tiptoeing, she slid the whiskey bottle back home & grabbed a couple of beers. Opening them with a satisfying 'pop', she handed him the two beers & poured herself a red wine. He downed the first quickly, & sat there, his hand clasped about the second, watching her as she moved around the bar to the seat beside him.

"Ned it is then. Mr. & Mrs. Kelly were just having a bit of laugh when they named you huh?" Dark eyes were almost hidden in the dull light but they gleamed at her from under the long hair. She felt herself blush under his gaze, and even more so as the realisation stole over her. How could she have been so stupid?

"Okay, what team are you in...when is the game?" He was frowning at her now, no idea what she was on about. "I've seen you boys do this before a big game-is it rugby? League? Mmm... football maybe?" She eyed his thighs which filled his pinstripe trousers perfectly. "When do you shave the beard off? My god...all that hair, you could give Barry Gibb a run for his money!' She was giggling now.

His face seemed almost relieved, as if she had found a solution to his dilemma.
"Ahh well, I haven't really played football since I was a lad, but I am a horseman...breed them, break them & sell them. But I'd have to say the beard stays Cat, and who the hell is Barry Gibb?"

"You're taking the piss now!" she snorted into her wine, her head shaking in disbelief but when she looked back at him, he looked serious."I knew I heard horses, but thought I must be dreaming. You must be from the Outback then?" He was nodding. "You seem to have had a head start in the beard growing compared to your mate Billy there."

"Ah well he likes to keep his tidy for the ladies"

"And you don't?"

"Well I pretty much keep to myself these days, just hang around with the boys."

Christ, he wasn't gay was he? She daringly ran her hand up his muscular thigh, he flinched at the movement but didn't pull away. Her hand ran higher, under his jacket, trembling now as it met cold hard steel.

"Now you don't want to be doing that!" He seemed tense all of a sudden, like he might dart out of the room or something.

"Oh Ned I've handled a few pistols in my time, can't imagine what you boys would be doing with one..." she drawled. The thought of being robbed raced through her mind once more. "Do you take hostages?" Her hand slid over to his belt buckle, pulling it towards her slightly.

"You like to play dangerous Cat. I've had many a hostage in my time." His eyes glinted dangerously, a smile hovering about his lips.

Cat was squirming inside, she realised he was right, here she was making a pass on a complete stranger, who just happened to have a gun and didn't think twice about taking hostages.
"I have a belt in my room you can use to bind my wrists, quite soft you know.." She was practically purring in his lap, fingers still threaded in his belt buckle.

"I think a wash would be more appropriate" he said kindly, removing her hand from his belt & standing. His hand lingered on hers for a moment before returning to his bottle to down the remains of his beer.

"I'm sorry Ned, where are my manners? Lets get you upstairs to the bathroom." She grabbed her wine & his hand, leading him towards the stairs. She knew she was being forward with him but was beyond caring now as it wasn't everyday handsome men in rode into town on horseback to stay at her hotel.
As they approached the stairs Ned began explaining that the other two were still outside with the horses. Just then, the door opened & Dan & Steve practically fell in, their laughter ringing around the foyer.
Ned was frowning at them. "This here is my brother Dan and our mate Steve...this is Cat" the young men smiled & said hello, stifling giggles.

"Pleased to meet you both, your room is up the stairs but wait..I have something for you." She was back in a second, giving Dan their key & stuffing a box of beer into Steve's arms, sending them on their way.
"Goodnight boys...see you at eight for breakfast." Dan raised his eyebrows and Steve winked at Ned before they disappeared up the stairs, not bothering to hide their laughter or go quietly.

Ned took her hand in his once more, it felt warm & soft as she pulled him forward. They reached the second floor, where he heard soft murmurings & the bed creaking in Joe and Eva's room & he was thankful that he was not alone this night. He gripped her hand tighter, as they reached her living quarters, he raised it to her lips "thank you" he mumbled into her hand, his lips grazing the surface. She smiled as she unlocked the door, opening it wide giving him a view of a lamplit room. "You're welcome" she spoke softly now, her tone complimenting the lighting.

The place seemed comfortable enough, homely almost, she was closing the door and leading him through to a bathroom. She piled a large fluffy towel in his arms. He looked at the glass cubicle in surprise.

"You don't have a bath?"

"Not here, but all the guest rooms have both."

She was chattering away, but he wasn't listening to her, he slid the glass door open in wonder, touching the shower head & smelling the bottles of body wash. Cat reached in and turned the water on, the shower spurted to life, Ned jumped back fascinated & laughing. Then his hands were under it, feeling the warm water run over them. She watched him with a smile, it was good to see him laugh.

"Come on, out of those clothes or I'll have to dry them!"
She adjusted the water while he peeled his jacket and waistcoat off. Next his braces and shirt, she stole a look, just couldn't help herself really & her eyes widened. His gun he wrapped in his jacket, his trousers and undergarments jumbled on top.
He stepped into the showerbox, steam coating the sides as the water flowed over his body. Closing his eyes, he tipped his head back, spray catching on his beard and moustache. He stood there swaying under the deluge and his eyes flew open as he felt her hands on his shoulders. She was there with him, washing him, her hands tracing the muscles in his back. A trickle of soap suds ran down his spine and between his buttocks.

He groaned. He hadn't felt the touch of a woman for a long while. He turned around to see her standing infront of him, her face moist from the steam & flushed from the wine. He didn't try to avert his eyes from her naked form, instead he looked intently as if burning the sight to memory, something to recall another time when needed.

Cat stood there as he gazed at her, she should feel ashamed but didn't. Although she had only just met this man, it seemed to be right somehow, something she needed to give much as she needed him to give her. She began washing his chest with soap, he took it from her and quickly washed the grime from his body. She was pouring pleasant smelling stuff from a bottle into her hand & then massaged it into his hair.
"Close your eyes" She rinsed it all from him & smoothed his hair back from his face. She was kissing him softly on the mouth, his hands free to explore her slippery body, his mind savouring every curve.

His head bent down as he ran a hot tongue over her breasts, she gasped, he turned her against the wall of the shower, her bum imprinting on the steamy sides. His hands and lips were driving her insane and she was pulling him eagerly to her, but he was trying his best to slow things down, not wanting it to all happen so fast..something telling him it wasn't polite to just take her as fast as he wanted to. He was moving down her body now, kissing the water from her belly button, mouth trailing down, down. Her hands were on his head now, guiding him to the spot she wanted him most. He spread her legs with his hands, soft beard tickling her, tongue & fingers exploring her, her face tipped back, water droplets splashing into her open mouth. He stopped, looking up at her. "Is this okay Cat? I hope you don't think..."

She was pulling him back up, his fingers still in her, "Just fucking do it" she hissed, her eyes were closed as she found his mouth. If she had bothered to open them she would have seen the shocked look on his face but she was kissing him hard now, her way of saying I'm sorry for the way I spoke but please... don't stop.

He entered her slowly at first but finding no resistance he pushed harder, control now long gone as she wriggled and moaned beneath his touch. He lifted her so her legs could slide around his hips & he held her there against the glass wall and she prayed it wouldn't break as he heaved himself with full force in and out of her, and she clung to his shoulders. She could have stayed here forever, just wanting to be shagged senseless by this man, somehow she couldn't get close enough to him, she wanted all of him.
Some moments later he shuddered hard against her & murmered "I'm sorry lass" into her ear. She opened her eyes but his were still closed, his mouth half opened as she watched him.

"I'm not" she kissed his bottom lip, sucking it hard and he responded, his lips & tongue once more exploring her mouth. He eased her back to her feet, slipping out of her.

"Come to bed, we have all night."


After tucking his gun under the pillow, he pulled back the duvet & ran his hands over the clean white sheets. Cat watched, wondering why everything seemed to intrigue him. He climbed in waiting for her to join him. She sipped her wine and then snuggled under the duvet feeling his arms wrap around her. Legs all tangled together, his thigh now rested between her legs causing her to wriggle some. "So you don't want me to come watch you play then, this team of yours?" She still had trouble believing they dressed like this for real.

"I told you Cat, we don't play games but we are a team that's for sure...Billy me best mate, my brother Dan and his mate Steve"

The names were bouncing around in her head.
"Next your going to tell me Billy is Joe Byrne" She felt him tense at the name, her hands were on him, feeling his hardness in other places. "Is your name really Ned Kelly?"

"It's the truth lass.." but she wasn't really concentrating anymore as she felt the warmth rising through her body, her hands pulling him into her and now they took their time, satisfying each other until sleep finally claimed them.


Cat awoke thirsty beyond belief. It was early morning and in the bathroom she got a large glass of water. Her head was sore, she felt a bit dehydrated 'even after all that showering' she laughed to herself. Just going over the whole evening in her mind made her squirmy, she was sure glad she had welcomed them in last night instead of ignoring the door. What was it about these guys? Why would you name your son after a famous Outlaw? And what? they wanted to be those men? She sighed to herself. Maybe they were just having a laugh, taking her for a ride, on the run from the cops...or maybe their wives...
She needed to know more.

He was sleeping soundly, peacefully in her bed, his bare shoulders brown and lean..she was stunned for a moment, his beautiful face relaxed, his breathing slow. She spotted his jacket on the floor & crept over. She had to find out who he really was...a credit card, license, anything to identify him or solve some of the mystery.

Her hand found the inside pocket, there was something in it. Quiet as she could without rustling it, she pulled it out...a scrap of paper, a letter, with old fashioned sloped writing & a yellowed piece of newspaper pinned to it. Her eyes flew over the words trying to adjust to the style. What did it say..?

"I'll have that thanks Cat" She dropped the letter in horror.
Leaning on his elbow, gun aimed at her, Ned's face was unmistakably disappointed.

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