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We have chosen not to provide age ratings for any of the writing here.  By no means does all of it have 'adult' content in the sense of profanity, violence or sex, although much of it does.  However, the subject matter is clearly adult in the broader sense of the meaning and is not particularly suitable for a young audience. We therefore give fair warning that minors and those responsible for them should exercise caution when viewing this site.  

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The photographs around Victoria and NSW were taken on a personal trip around Kelly Country. Joe at Brays Studio, Beechworth, is a scan of a postcard sold by ICP (Aust.) The screencaps of Ned Kelly were made by Brylyn1979 & Serein. Additional images are from In Celebration promotional material, freefoto.com, plus fan and paparazzi pictures.

Many thanks to Mata for the beautiful background graphics on these pages, and to all those whose creativity is displayed here.

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