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We have been grateful for the incredible feedback for our stories over the past years

On Visions of Joe
Goodness... I've never read a more beautiful story in my life. You are a fantastic writer, and it's obvious you've done your homework for this piece, too. It's beautiful, it truly is. I blew though this story in a night and a half, it just consumed me. You have a gift for writing, for taking characters and making your readers fall in love with them. You have a unique way of storytelling
Cait at

On Bath
I can't do it justice - there are no words. That had me simply hooked from the beginning and was simply beautiful - fabulous, Nuit. And done so brilliantly, and typically, in your own unique style. I found myself re-reading each line as usual, just to enjoy the play of words. Outstanding and with so much meaning.
Stormdancer at OLove

On Twilight
Great work, 'your' Joe is a work of art between the devilish smiles, disappearing fuchsia bra and illicit poker games, he is an inspired, wonderfully crafted masterpiece.
Lakaeli at Ozone

On The Banker's Wife
This is, like all else you write, absolutely brilliant.  There is a subtle poignancy to it that left me slightly aching at the end.  It is a wonderful character study, and I love the way you take your heroine from the cool, green, mist-enshrouded hills of Scotland to the dry, hot bush of Australia; from her youthful yearning for adventure to her adult disappointment..
Adrianne at Ozone

The following are comments we have received here at Larrikin Mary through and our Larrikin Mary on Live Journal. Thank you!

Carribbean Dreamin' 14/07/09 re: Twilight Vignettes
I enjoyed Twilight Vignettes - especially the one with Claire's mother. I laughed out loud! Loved the part about Joe telling her Claire bought him pot!

re: Twilight
I just finished Twilight by FLC and I loved it! After reading the Joe Byrne fan fiction here I'm not sure if I'm captivated by the Joe Byrne from the movie or from the stories. He is an intriguing character as I'm sure he was as a real man. This story is poignant, sexy, dark and lovely. I wish he truly had ended as happy and contented as in Twilight. Thank you for a beautiful dream.
re: Outlaw Reflections
I wasn't going to comment on this one because it made me too sad but since you did us the favor of writing it I will. I love that you continued your story. It did make me sad but he came looking for her and didn't go with the young girl and she was still Eva to him and that was sweet. Joe awakening something in her that she had forgotten or pushed deep down and her remembering how he felt and made her feel I just loved. Knowing that he would never be back and that things were coming to an end made me cry. Anyway, thanks again for your beautiful words and all the emotions they cause. I wouldn't have gotten what you said about the Beltane Blues if I wasn't reading The Mists of Avalon right now. For once I got something!

From Tabitha's Cat 26/6/09 re: Outlaw Reflections
Wow Nuit, I'm thrilled you have posted all of this & I finally got the chance to read it. Love, love, LOVE it!! As I said, the first chapter I was so anxious for Eva myself I was going through all these emotions right along with her, & then after the other chapters I couldn't sleep for thinking about Joe, Ned & the boys!! *sigh* Thanks for this, even if you have given me sleepless nights for it hee hee & Kat the graphics are a real treat.

From Magic 24/6/09 re: Outlaw Reflections
“wondering how the years might have changed me too, given the chance.”  I love hearing Joe’s point of view and seeing him all vulnerable.  That word far more literal here than usual – truly – because he knows just how fleeting it all is.
“frustration, happiness, anger, disappointment, embarassment and pure lust” –
that seems to about cover it.  30 years!  I can’t quite imagine really.  And yet I also can.  You have made me think about so much here honestly, it is hard to put it into words.  I remember sitting in a workshop and this woman in her late 60’s asking, “when am I going to feel old?” And I thought it was both wonderful and a little scary.  Like there was a time we thought we would stop feeling all these things eventually and now we realize that we really don’t but some things really are behind us nonetheless. 
“He coaxed me from my new found shyness, prodded the evidence of good living with a grin, and gave me the gift of desire, or want, or need, or love, whatever you would call it, it doesn’t matter. Not really. He gave me himself. Sweet, sticky, exhausted, strong and raw.”
That is a gift. Ironically, travelling through time and knowing the end that is coming, he is more in the moment than most of us are most of the time.  It seems to me that is part of what he gives Eva.  He gives her “now”.  In a Pirate’s tale, you had Jack say, “you are to be in this moment, now, with me.”  And isn’t that part of what we fell in love with? Something so visceral and immediate and demanding our attention. 
I’m glad he came back for a visit.  He can’t give her back the past, but he does give her right now. It's both happy and sad and frustrating and inspiring.  All of it. I'm glad they have each other.

From KiwiGirl 23/6/09 re: Outlaw Reflections
To me this was wonderful all the other things highlighted. But sad too though we do know how it ends it still is so very hard to think of it.
It has been so very nice to spend time with Joe again. Thank you.

From Erendira 23/6/09 re: Outlaw Reflections
He coaxed me from my new found shyness, prodded the evidence of good living with a grin, and gave me the gift of desire, or want, or need, or love, whatever you would call it, it doesn’t matter. Not really. He gave me himself. Sweet, sticky, exhausted, strong and raw
Is it not like a kind of magic, that just a few words make you feel so good? make you feel transported to another world? make you feel that you aren't you,but she...? make you believe that if you close your eyes tightly you could see what she could feel what she's feeling? Yeah, that is a kind of magic, and you're the magician...
THANK YOU,from the bottom of my heart.

From Luna Stormdancer 23/6/09 re: Outlaw reflections
Nuit, that really was just perfect. You don't need the nuts and bolts of it, just the raw intense feeling as you so adequately convey, makes it all the more tender.
I totally loved that realness of this, and the touching gentleness - the unadulterated need and attraction and yet unspoken recognized drawing together and recognition of two similar souls joined by something extraordinary.
Across time - ah, love prevails, and pleases my romantic heart. Even without the music :)
wonderful. Thank you so much, that was a delight.

From Krazymoonkat 23/6/09 re: Outlaw Reflections
Bravo, Nuit! What a wonderful extension/conclusion to Outlaw Dreams. It has renewed my dreams and made me believe in a bit of magic all over again. Thank you ((hugs))
From Kim 1/6/09 re: Calendars

That is a beautiful calendar for June!   I also love that picture Mata chose of Joe to put in the calendar and the design looks great! Another beautiful calendar Mata and thank you for sharing it with us.  *hugs*

From CaribbeanDreamin 31/5/09 re: Lost in Translation
Really enjoyed this story. It was interesting to see the weaving of past and present, Jamie, Joe and Orlando. Also the laying to rest the past between Aaron and Joe. Your characters are always very compelling and passionate. If I were reading books I would say couldn't put it down, as with all of your stories. Thanks again for keeping me entertained.

From Gem 2/5/09 re: Matas calendars and  Joe's Reflection
I love Mata's calendars. I have them on my work computer too...I had never seen that poem of Bella's before, thank you for bringing it to my attention. I think about Glenrowan a lot, telling the story every week on my tours - that fateful last drink that Joe had and if only they had left earlier... but "it is what it is"

From Gem 1/5/09 re: Dalliance
It is always a source of amazed admiration to me how someone is able to contain a whole story in just a few lines, to evoke a clear visual image and powerful emotion in such a deceptively simple way. You have already proven your mastery with words FLC but I had no idea it extended to poetry as well. This is a beautiful homage to a beautiful man and will touch the heart of anyone who loves Joe. Thank you for sharing it.XXX
From Kim 2/5/09 re: Ghosts of men
Thank you very much Michele for adding my Ghosts of Men wall. Everytime I read this poem I get all emotional with goosebumps and chills going up my spine. Mollie did a beautiful job writing it and it is a beautiful tribute to Joe, Ned, Dan & Steve.

From Unplugged32 3/5/09 re:Dalliance
I found this to be beautifully written and haunting. Your work is very impressive, thanks for sharing.

 From ms_erupt 29/4/09 re: Dalliance
I like how you layout your pages, that little icon from Mata at the end of the poem. I must confess, I don't have a strong appreciation for poetry, but I enjoyed that, so my (er, imaginary) hat's off to Fourleaf Clover!

From Kim 22/4/09 re: April Calendar

 Just saw Mata’s Calendar for April and it is beautiful.  I love the texture; it looks like a calendar that would have been made during that time period.  I also love the graphic she chose of Joe and Ned.  I tried to read the hymn but some of the wording kind of blended in with the design but I could tell by what I could read that it is a beautiful hymn and quite fitting for the month of April.
Thank you Mata for creating and sharing your beautiful calendar with us.  
She had agreed to make us one every month Kim- so keep a weather eye!
From Kim 19/3/09 re: Ghosts of Men Graphics
I just looked at all the artwork dedicated to this beautiful and heartfelt poem in memory of the Kelly Gang and each wall grabs me by the heart and is a master work of art.  They are all beautiful and very emotional.   They are the perfect tributes to Joe, Ned, Dan & Steve.   The same goes with the poem that gets me all emotional every time I read it.
Thank you ladies for sharing your beauties with us and your talent and to KiwiGirl for writing and sharing such a beautiful and emotional poem. 

From BlueMagic 27/11/08 re: Outlaw Dreams ch 9
Aw...well perhaps its the mood I'm in that I focused on the sentimental rather than the steamy.  But it is sweet more than anything else, and I like Joe's point of view and I am most struck by how we get the whole picture. Like nothing is wholly this or that, good or bad, happy or sad, but always the whole thing mixed up together like real life.  I love that about your writing.  Just like life, you don't leave stuff out.

From Stormdancer 22/11/08 re: Sally
Ah FLC I LOVED that, so well written as ever and just delightful.  Can just picture the scene and put myself in Sally's shoes so easily.  Thanks for the link Nuit, I went straight there for a read and what a brilliant read as ever.  FLC never ever disappoints.  Thanks & mega kudos!

From Gem 22/11/08 re:
What an unexpected delight to come across a brand new story from you FLC! I have to confess you managed to surprise me with the content... but this is a great study of how awkward a meeting between two strangers can be. I like it that you give us a portrait of Joe from the viewpoint of someone who doesn't know anything about him or where he comes from and so is making her judgement of him based solely on what she sees in front of her. Her observations - about his good looks, his cleanliness and clothes, the kind of newspaper he reads, the way he moves around the apartment - make the reader look at Joe in a new light. We are used to seeing him all confident and cocky, at ease with his surroundings, and here he is more vulnerable, like a fish out of water but doing his best to adapt to his changed circumstances. Loved it, and the wink at the end was vintage Joe!

From Bluerowan 6/11/08 re: launch
Just had a quick peek but it looks awesome! Love the backgrounds - especially the Southern Cross (my own flag is on my bookcase in my office). Can't wait to explore further. 

From Tabithas_cat 6/11/08 re: launch
 I was quite excited to see your site up Nuit & FLC-well done! Looks amazing & very easy to find your way around. Can't wait to get reading now!
Lovely tribute to Heath as well XXX

From Ms_Erupt 5/11/08
re: launch
The website looks awesome!  :D

From Erendira 5/11/08
re: launch
Oh Nuit,what a wonderful site you made,´s so late,and tomorrow I have to get up early ...(I´m going to the airport...yipee..),but I couldn´t help to have a look ....and I love it! I feel so honoured for being (a so tiny) part of this...Congratulations, for you and FC.

From Michaela 5/11/08 re: launch
congratulations to the website, looks really good!

From BellaU 5/11/08 re: launch
(((Nuit))) You're so sweet and your site is beautiful! Thanks so much for the link. Can't wait to spend time reading and swooning over all the Joe.

From Gem 5/11/08 re: launch
It looks great, well done and congratulations to both of you! *pours champagne*

From fairyair  5/11/08 re: launch
Congratulations! It looks great! *Hugs*

From mata090680 5/11/08 re: launch
 *cheers*  The site is awesome :D

From Blue Magic 5/11/08 re: launch
Truly, congratulations to the both of you on a huge accomplishment.  I am looking forward to reading and musing and hope you get a great response to the site.

From Kim 5/11/08 re: launch
Thank you for letting me know about the new site honoring Joe Byrne!  It is a great site and I was very happy to see two of my Joe Byrne walls in the gallery!  *cheers*  
Well I will definitely mark this site has one of my favorites and I will visit often.  *hugs*

From KiwiGirl 5/11/08 re: launch
Hey ladies
Congratulations on the website.  It feels like we should all be sitting somewhere with a glass of champagne with Joe in our midst celebrating.  I wish it could be. 
I wanted to comment on Bush Lullaby.  A complex and uncomfortable story.  It was hard to read a times but was also so very real in that we have probably all been there.  Is raw and real and something to be very proud of. 
Am going to make my way through both new and old over the next few weeks.  Thanks so much for allowing my poems to be a part of it.  I don't really have the words to say just how much it means to me.  XXXXX

From Krazymoonkat 4/11/08 re: launch
The site looks awesome! You can see all the hard work and love that the two of you put into it.
Feel free at any time to use my stuff.
My poem looks like it is done by a professional! There is so much great stuff ... I can't wait for more quiet time to go and enjoy.

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