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Hearts Home
This was written after we had visited the Woolshed, walked in the places that Joe had walked, seen those same hills that he had looked out on. Every place that we went it seemed like he was there, behind and beside.

I am the shadow at your back
The rustle of phantom footsteps
That trace your every step
My voice whispers your name
For this is my land, my place

Every movement that you make
I am following behind
Do you feel my breath
Softly touching your cheek
My hands resting on your shoulders

Do you know that I am here
Even as you look out on my hills
I know every hollow, every rock
The soil, the creeks, the trees,
This is my place, my home

And while you are here
I will be with you, beside you
Behind you, dancing in dappled light
Laughing with the kookaburras
Sighing with the wind

For every light, every dark
It is mine.

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