Larrikin Mary

Kelly's Lament

We stood in the Greta Cemetary in front of Dan and Steve's unmarked graves. The graves of Ellen and Jim unadorned behind them. The Kelly's had two sons lost and no place in which to openly mourn them. One hidden and one never returned....

Where will we take our tears
There is no place to mourn
No smooth marble written
To bear testament to our grief

Only one cold dark place
Unmarked, unadorned
Fear more powerful than loss
We are afraid to reveal his place

There are no roses or daisies
Just furtive calling at dawn or dusk
And of the other we have nothing
No justice in death, as it was in life

They had no mass or prayers
No rememberance on Sunday
Neither incense or holy water
The twenty third psalm unsaid

We have nowhere to mourn
No place to show grief
Anger and anguish trapped within
Generations on it still burns....

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