These Words
My sort of take on the Jerilderie letter. Started in Jerilderie while trying to sleep in the Royal Mail hotel, one mouse that caused me to sit up in bed and write a few words down. So I suppose thanks need go to the voice of Ned and that hungry mouse.

These words, are our truth
And the truth of those
Who have not the words
Or the voice with which to speak

This is no hollow speech
No empty shout
To be ignored or mocked
Hear me and Listen

I know of persecution
It was those coppers or us
No way out, no choice of mine
Yet we are left without future

This is no claim of innocence
Least not for that
But we were innocent before
Pushed to take life

These words are for ours
Those of our blood, of our place
They are hunted now
Persecuted for their birth

This is our truth
Our anger and fury
This story will be heard
You will listen

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