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Dan and Steve's armour is on display in the police museum in Melbourne. The wrongness of that is almost palpable. I hated that place, hated the fact that they were there in the very midst of the ones that had done them so much harm. I am not condemning anyone that is a member of the service today not at all. It was more that around them was exhibits expounding the great deeds of those that hunted them. It was an awful experience and I could not wait to get outside. The armour should be in a neutral place, the library with Ned's and I do hope that this one day does come to pass.

Metal armour encased in glass
Long have we been gone
But the very air is thick
Our fear and anger still felt
Trapped in a place that we despise

This is no home for our final suit
Not our Sunday best
But a coat that shone
Knights we were to be
Fighting for a better place

Clad in steel but two so very alone
The surprise in Joe’s eyes as he went
Made our breath catch in our throats
He was invincible
And they had taken him too

And Ned gone fearless into the night
Taking the fight to them
Saying he would be back
To not be afraid that he would return
But his voice went silent

Now just two and filled with fear
Then resolve and compassion
For each other, our mate
So choices were made
And with shaking hands it was done

There was no choking smoke
Or singeing flames
Souls gone from those charred remains
And they took this steel that was ours
It does not belong here

This place of coppers and lies
Of twisted stories told to protect their own
Truth is all we want
And for our armour to be home
With that of our brother’s, our leader’s

Our Ned’s

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