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The Burden
It has been on my mind for a while how horrible it must have been for Kate Kelly. For it was Fitzpatrick's desire for her that started the whole chain of horrific events. I can only imagine the pain that she carried with her for the rest of her not so long life. This poem will be one of two as I have words in my head already for her that seem to be those of Ned's.

A pain that is grief
Resting heavy in my chest
Never leaving me
Even in the times that I laugh
A knowing of finality
That it will not be right again

The guilt that I carry
Cannot be shared
For it was I that was to blame
The one that Fitzpatrick came for
And my brothers and mother
They fought for me

I was safe and warm
While they fled to the hills
Running and hiding in the cold
A price put on their heads
When they killed in self defence
All condemned for one mans lies

If I had gone to him
Lain with him,
Given myself to him
Then this horror
Would never have been
And we would not be as we are

Lost in this dark place
Where there is nowhere for us
No beginnings or endings
Just an ongoing existence
A sickness that will not leave me
Sorrow I will carry until death

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