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 For Kate
 This is the one that came after the Burden. Ned's words, or at least that is how it felt when I was writing them.

Close your eyes Katie
Sleep my sister
For there is where I can speak
Where you will hear me
And know that we are well

In the bright light of day
You do not see me, or feel me
When with roughened hand
I brush at your tears
Unable to comfort you

The hurt in you cuts me deep
You are not to blame
For the choices made
Your hand did not hold mine
When I fired that gun

I beg you to see me
Standing in front of you
I can whisper, then shout
That I love you
And forgiveness is not needed

But your cloudy eyes will not see
So in your dreams I wait
To hold you close
To smooth your hair
To speak those words

That you so need to hear
Yet will not, not in this life
We love you Kate
All of us, the four of us
And no blame is yours

Take my hand and follow
I will show you this place
See the big tree on the hill
That is where we will wait
To welcome you, when you come.

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