Larrikin Mary

Soul to Soul

When the last one forgets
Then I will go to the next world
When I am just a name
In the dull volumes of history
I will truly leave this earth

In between life and the life after
I have battered at the wall that is death
Seeking to soothe the grief
Of those who knew me, loved me
I could not abandon them

Angry, helpless, the only solace
Those times when they would drift in sleep
Their souls rising over the barrier
Then I could fill their dreams
And walk beside them

But when they woke, despair overwhelmed
So I remained chained by love
Watching those that remembered
Grow, and age and in death move onwards
When none remained I would follow

Generations have passed
Those of my blood no longer mourn
But still I am here, watching
Those who hold the cords that bind
Were strangers to me, unknown

But I know their hearts, their dreams,
I am bound to these that remember me
For the man that I was
The man that I could have been
They are mine now

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