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Rosy Memories


The ground beneath him was a great deal harder than he ever recalled and the sun beat down on his closed eyelids like it was the blacksmiths hammer striking hard against the anvil. At least the birds were being kind….

The birds, where were they?

Joe sat straight up and near went right back down as the hammering pain struck right though his head. Closing his eyes once again, he teetered barely maintaining the upright position and tried to remember what made him sit up in the first place. That not helping, Joe eased himself back down to what had to be the hardest dern patch of land within the entire area of Australia, with a groan to the heavens. “Lord how can yer make a man suffer so fer sins he canna yet remember?”

“Well,” he thought to himself “at least yer know yer still livin’, even if that dina’ seem much of a blessing at the moment.”

Taking as deep breath as he dared before trying to open his eyes again, a deep smell of roses assaulted his nose along with the dying embers of the fire and malt liquor. A twitch of a grin started to form as memories started back. So it was Lilly last night.

“Ah, darlin’ Lilly, such a fine lass” her face hovered in his mind as strong as the scent of roses she left on him. Such fine long fingers on the small soft hand, running down the side of his face as she sat there in his lap and pored him another round with the other. Her fine round rump the whole time making suggestion of what was to come. Nothin’ for it now, she would have to stay there until the end of the game or he would be the butt of jokes for weeks if his mates saw the c*ck stand he was sporting.

“Gimmy a kiss for luck then?” Joe asked as the cards were dealt out.

With a giggle and another wee wiggle, Lilly obliged.

The galloping of a horse nearby startled Joe back to the present. A great Whoop was heard from Ned as the sound faded into the distance. Careful to shade his eyes this time before opening them, he could see nothing out of the ordinary as he looked around. The boys lay on the other side of the fire pit, still sleeping sound. As he thought, Ned was nowhere to be seen.

Ned being up and about must have been what woke him in the first place and it would account for the lack of bird song…..Ah yes the bird song, that was it! Well at least he had no reason to try to get back up just yet.

Joe closed his eyes to sleep once again and let the sweet smell of roses on his clothes bring back the sweet memories of Lilly and hoped when he woke again, the reminders of his other sins from last night would not be so strong.

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