* Added Spring 2012
Longer Stories

Visions of Joe- Nuit
Freedom, injustice and Joe Byrne as told by a young woman with a keen eye and a full heart. 14 Chapters. Complete

Twilight - Fourleaf Clover
A strong-minded young woman who loves Ned Kelly, particularly the Joe Byrne character, finds herself transported into the fictitious world of a movie that she knows has a tragic ending.  Five parts (13 chapters).  Complete.

Twilight vignettes - Fourleaf Clover
Random encounters for the characters from Twilight.

Outlaw Dreams- Nuit
Outlaw smut, be warned. 10 Chapters, Complete.
Outlaw Reflections- Nuit
A continuation of Outlaw Dreams. 4 Parts. Complete
Time is on my Side
Last parts of Outlaw Dreams. Complete 

Outlaw Dreams vignettes- Tabithas Cat.
Cat's Encounter 2 Parts. Complete.
Recollections 4 Parts. Complete.

My Beautiful Joe - GeminiGirl
12 Chapters Complete. Plus sequel The Rose

Lost in In Translation- Nuit
Do you believe in souls? Crossing too many boundaries to be decent, this is an exploration into what we leave behind.
15 chapters. Complete

Eternity- KiwiGirl
Joe as seen by a childhood friend. WIP

Colorado- Nuit and Blue Magic
AU Joe in a happier, less desperate place. 6 Chapters. Complete

Celebration- Nuit and Fourleaf Clover
A wander into Joe's opium dreams and his visions of some very different lives.  Crossover with the play In Celebration and the lightest of touches onto reality. 3 Chapters. Complete

Poems- KiwiGirl
A growing collection of incisive and emotionally charged poetry.

Dalliance- Fourleaf Clover

Dance with Me- KrazymoonKat

Joe's Reflection- BellaU

Rain- Nuit*

The Decadence of Joe- BellaU

Time to Love- GeminiGirl*
Short Stories

Afternoon Stroll- GeminiGirl *

A Kelly Tour- GeminiGirl*

Answering Mr Pitcairn - Fourleaf Clover

At the Door - Fourleaf Clover

Bath- Nuit

Better Than- KiwiGirl*

Birthday Gift
Ashamed I am to Tell - GeminiGirl*

Bush Lullaby- Fourleaf Clover

Buttons and Bells- GeminiGirl*

Conversations with Joe Byrne- GeminiGirl
A selection of short stories

Crossroads - Luna Stormdancer

Dark Brew - Nuit
and Hard as Stone- Nuit

Echoes of Joe- Avalon Mists

Epitome- Nuit*

Fire Woman- Nuit*

Goodbye & Goodbye Joe- GeminiGirl

Happy Returns- Nuit

Idyll- GeminiGirl*

In the Embers - Fourleaf Clover

Joe and Aaron- BellaU

Kissing Joe - Caribbean Dreamin

Knights in Armour - GeminiGirl

Louisiana- KiwiGirl

Midnight Run- Tabitha's Cat

Not a Farmer's Wife - GeminiGirl

Not Afraid- Fourleaf Clover

Origins- Luna Stormdancer

Portrait of a Rebel- GeminiGirl

Raindrops- Nuit*

Reunited- Luna Stormdancer

Rosy memories- Krazymoonkat*

Serendipity- Luna Stormdancer

Shadows of the Past- Snoewhite

Tales from the Commercial - GeminiGirl

Short and very sweet stories

The Bankers Wife- Fourleaf Clover

The Kerloo- Nuit

The Lamb- KiwiGirl

The Luck of the Irish- GeminiGirl

The Temptation of Eve- Nuit


Tintinnabulation- Nuit*

Time Goes By- Tabitha's Cat*

Trying to Forget- GeminiGirl

Untitled- KiwiGirl

Untitled 1&2- Ms Erupt

Waiting for Joe - Tabithas Cat

What is and What is Not- KiwiGirl

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