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The Decadence of Joe
© Michelle Schoofs

He raised his eyebrow
A grin tugging at the corners of his mouth
When he looked at her.
Leaning against the doorjamb
The thoughts that tumbled through his mind
Evident in his eyes
And the slouch of his shoulders as
He tucked his hands deep in his pockets
Hidden behind a look of masterful planning
The dark mixture of mischief and lust simmers.
Though it is laden with wicked thoughts
The beast commits to pure fidelity
Even love
For the woman who passes into it’s grasp.
For a moment
He is bliss.
A bundle of energy ever devoted
To only her

Until it passes
Like the winds in the hills
Where the wombats make their homes.
Ever the Casanova
He moves from lady to lass
A conquest with each
Until he sits with beer in hand
Surveying the new territories he explored that day.

sig by BellaU

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