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Waiting For Joe

Tabithas Cat

The thundering of hooves filled the air as they raced across the hard red earth. There were no prizes for coming first; just the innate feeling that was in your blood, you had to get there quick before all that was behind you caught up. Joe watched in the growing darkness as Ned’s jacket flew out before him, the dust kicking up in their faces as the horses found their second wind, sensing themselves how close they now were to food and a good nights rest. Dan and Steve’s crazy shouts and laughter behind him as they gave chase.

The mare’s nostrils were flaring and she snorted with exhilaration, needing little guidance from him as she galloped along the worn path leaving his mind free to wander as his firm thighs gripped the saddle. And he thought of her, the way that pale green dress hugged her body, how soft blonde hair caught up in a bun all clean and smelling of citrus, her hands on his skin, moving, teasing, her groans as he returned the touch and the way her lips parted…he smiled, urging his mare past Ned’s now, his face determined.


She leaned on the balcony that overlooked the road into town. Loud voices suddenly burst from the door as it was flung open, then muffled again as it swung quickly shut. The sun’s fiery departure was fading fast, the mountains were now dark ominous shapes in the distance but she kept her eyes there as a faint deep humming reached her ears. A sound she knew well of horses hooves moving fast over dry hard ground. They were still some minutes away but nevertheless, she could feel him getting closer and her heart pumped harder as a surge of adrenalin raced through her. She touched her hand to her hair; it was pinned up just how he liked it with a large tortoiseshell slide comb that had once belonged to her mother, the only thing of quality she owned and she had taken the trouble to bathe in lavender water, her skin as soft and clean as you could get in the outback.

The sound louder now…it would not be long before four horses bearing the young outlaws would fly past and around the back of the hotel and he…moments later, would appear beside her.


The horses were released in the overnight paddock with hay and plenty of water, all of them rolling as soon as their saddles and remaining tack removed. Sweat and grime mixing with horse hair and loud grunts as they clambered to their feet and stood shaking themselves.

The four men carried the gear to the shed. Joe found a clothes brush that was always left there and quickly swiped at his jacket and trousers removing some of the dust and hay. Ned grinned at him as he held out a hand for the brush as Joe now reached for his tobacco.

“See yer early morn then Joe…or maybe yer care to join us fer a drink first?” The whiteness of Ned’s teeth could be seen against the hazy darkness.

Quickly Joe rolled a smoke and lit it. Exhaling loudly pushing the smoke his way Joe laughed “Not likely mate but aye…early morning it tis” He was keen to go now. Ned sensed his eagerness to find her & held out the flask of whiskey.
“Take this with yer, better than none…now go wear yerself out”

He didn’t need telling twice, swigging the flask as long legs found the stairs to the balcony. He took them two at a time, his heart pounding as he reached the top.

She was there.

Still she leaned on the rail looking to the hills that were visible only as a heavy black shadow. She did not turn to face him or acknowledge his presence in any way. He stopped back in the shadow of the porch, setting the whiskey down on the small wooden table there before silently standing behind her. He looked at her hair, the bun perfect as usual and her dress snugly pulled in at her waist. The skirt layers hung down towards her calves. Short black laced up boots gleamed at him from under her skirts and he stepped forward to place lips on her neck.


Larrikin heels quickly and lightly ascended the stairs, two at a time and she knew he was somewhere behind her but she remained fixated on the dark shapes as they blended into the horizon and night sky, stars gradually catching her eye now as warm lips touched her neck. Stars, sky, mountains all forgotten in that second as he touched the curve of her back, moving down to her skirts until he found bare skin and then slid roughened hands up her legs. She smiled when he groaned upon finding her undergarments were absent and her head dropped back as his fingers slipped into her wetness. He smelt of the earth and heat and whiskey, his jacket scratchy on her buttocks as he leaned his hardness against her, trousers still forming a thin barrier between their bodies. Dress pulled up around her hips his hands now found their way to her breasts where he cupped and lifted them over her scooped neckline. Thumbs ran over her hardened nipples and she wondered how much longer she would have to wait before she was consumed by the internal fire.


Christ she felt good…and her skin was so soft, lightly scented as if she knew damn well it would drive him crazy. Fingers finding her already aroused and f uck she was so hot! He struggled to slow things down, forcing himself to take a bit of time. Her nipples begged to be sucked but he stayed behind her as his hand reached to unbutton his trousers. He moved his c ock against her arse and her moan almost had him shoot his seed up her back. Once more he was forced to control himself as he now reached up and removed the comb, releasing her hair to her shoulders. He buried his face in it, inhaling the scent and allowing the silkiness to caress his cheek but she was making little noises, pushing back on him and now he could wait no longer. Forcing her legs slightly apart, he entered her from behind and pushed in hard all the way. She gasped and leaned against the balcony railing as he moved in and out of her faster and faster, hands tightly gripping her hips guiding her as she groaned loudly now. One hand reached around under her skirt and touched her there, the reaction instant-her body shaking in his arms as wave after wave of pure ecstasy pulsed through her. She was kissing his fingers now as he held her steady, the heat of her tongue as she sucked each one sent him bucking as his own orgasm rippled through him.


They stayed there a while, panting gradually returning to normal breathing, his arms about her as he moved slowly now listening to her whimper. Pulling out of her, he turned her around so they faced each other, finally she could look into dark brown eyes that seem to hold some sort of spell over her. She was smiling at him as she made herself more decent. Cradling her face, he pulled her close for a kiss and her hands were under his shirt desperate to touch his skin.
She was still trembling as his mouth found hers, she reached under his clothes to run soft fingers over his body, he was smooth and lean, and she could feel every muscle as he tensed slightly where she touched him. He bent down to retrieve his trousers and she helped button them back up. They leaned together, holding each other close, their time alone always brief. And always she wondered if he would return the next time, it hurt her heart to think one day he might not but she would still be here…waiting…waiting for Joe.

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