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Krazymoonkat at OL has created these animations from screencaps

Just a selection of some of the video creations available

Walkaway Joe (Trisha Yearwood) - Cheryl removed sadly
Blaze of Glory (Bon Jovi)- martinmoviecompnay
Joe Byrne, You will never be Forgotten (Kenny Chesney)- jen248705
Joe Byrne Tribute (George Thorogood)- Fauna16
Ned Kelly (Johnny Cash)-wellzy837
Game as Ned Kelly(Slim Dusty)- wellzy837

Film clips
THE missing clip from Ned Kelly (2003)  - courtesy of Mayfrayn and LadyNin
Orlando Bloom on the set of Ned Kelly- posted by Bloomschick
Ned Kelly Trailer- posted by das1989
The Story of Ned Kelly- posted by dazual
Ned Kelly Fitzpatrick Incident ( from 1906 film)- posted by matty007007

Kate Kelly (Tim Freedman, live)-posted by thebasementtv
Ned Kelly (Iron Maiden)- posted by SabbathMan8815
The Ned Kelly Song (Sam Green & The Time Machine) -posted by Sam Green99

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