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I Shall Stand
The last photograph of Ned before his execution is one that I find hard to get out of my head. There is no fear, no compromise, he is a strong sure man and he is standing facing the world as such. His poor hands are crippled from his injuries at Glenrowan but yet he holds such power in the way that he looks at us from the past.

Here I stand
Unbowed I am not afraid
I am no less than you
False words, false justice
They have no power

I shall look you in the eye
For I have no fear
I am beyond your touch
Your judgement holds no weight
I have spoken my truth

Though my hands are ruined
My eyes are my tools
And I shall gaze at those to come
They shall know my words
They shall remember my name

The beginning was not with me
But I would not die
Not for the lies of one man
I had no fight with the ones that came
But there was no other way

Their blood spilled
and the innocent suffered
Their words, our words
worthless, meaningless
Yet the weakest stood strong

Shoulder to shoulder united
Their actions and words no less
Though you may not know their names
Or remember their deeds, I shall
Death and time shall not silence me

For every moment my name is spoken
I shall whisper their names
And the truth shall be known
And those days remembered
Here I stand...

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